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Business Practices, Cost of Doing Business Calculator

The first entry in the technical information is the Cost of Doing Business Calculator linked from the National National Press Photographers Association Web Site.

I was asked by someone the other night the question “I am thinking about quitting my day job to become a photographer, what do you think?”

I had several thoughts on the subject but in reality I can’t tell him the right answer.

All I know is this. When I did my short stint in photography school they taught me how to point the camera, get the settings needed for proper exposure and some occasional tips on what makes a good photograph and what is not (according to the teachers likes and dislikes). Admittedly there are some really good photographs turned in for the school assignments. Some that fit the parameters of the assignment and some that totally miss the concept of it completely. But that is another topic all together.

My point is this. They never taught us how to BE a PHOTOGRAPHER that runs a BUSINESS. There were so many other things that they needed to address to prepare people for the real world. Things like this tool were never addressed. I have several other topics I will be bringing up as I go along that will hopefully help people be able to figure out things like the question I was asked.

Till then, don’t quit that day job.


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